• Making an appointment and paying the deposit is considered acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  • Although the minimum age for getting a tattoo is 14 by law, we maintain a minimum age of 16. Under 18, we want both written and verbal consent by parents/guardians.
  • To make and confirm an appointment, it is necessary to make a deposit. The down payment of a full session is €200, the down payment of a half session €100 and of all other projects €50.
  • Deposit must be paid within one week of making the appointment. When booking multiple appointments together, all sessions must be prepaid.
  • If the deposit is not paid within one week, the spot will be awarded to someone else. So no deposit is also no deal!
  • Rescheduling the appointment with the retention of the deposit is possible up to seven days before the appointment. – If you cancel within seven days before your appointment and cannot find a replacement client, you will lose the deposit. The reason for cancellation plays no part in this.
  • If the appointment is completely canceled by us, we will refund 100% of the deposit. – If the appointment is rescheduled by us, the deposit will be carried over to the new appointment.
  • If the appointment is stopped early by the client, the extra time needed to complete the project will be charged. The amount depends on the remaining work. The reason for leaving the appointment early is not a factor.
  • Our artists create the design the day before or of the appointment. The design is always shown and discussed on the day of the appointment.
  • Any changes to the design can be made on the morning of the appointment.
  • Free corrections are made up to two months from the date of tattooing, after this date there is a minimum charge of €100. All corrections caused by damage to the tattoo at the client’s hands are at their own expense. – Free corrections do not apply to the following areas; toes, ankles, feet, hands, fingers, elbows, knees and all cover ups. For this we charge a starting fee of €100.
  • The day before and of the appointment, do not take alcohol, drugs and medications that inhibit blood clotting and/or thin the blood. We recommend healthy preparation. So get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast with enough carbohydrates and nutrients, and drink plenty of water.
  • If a client appears at the appointment under the influence of alcohol, drugs or is ill, we refuse to do a tattoo. With that, we cancel the appointment at the loss of the deposit.
  • Do not use numbing ointments and/or creams. Such products contain lidocaine. This product changes the hardness of the top layer of skin which makes tattooing more difficult. It can also have negative effects on the healing process and thus the healing outcome. In this case, we are not responsible for the cured result and the cost of corrections will be for the customer with a starting fee of €100.
  • Don’t come in clothes that shouldn’t get dirty. We work with inks and for that reason we do not hold ourselves responsible for any contamination of the clothes. Therefore, preferably come in “older” dark clothing. Thus, wearing the chosen clothing on the day of the session is entirely at your own risk.
  • We do not tattoo skin that is sun/sunburned, injured or otherwise unfit for the appointment. If we find that your skin is in the above condition, we will give the urgent advice to get the tattoo somewhere else where the skin is in better condition. If you do not agree to this, the appointment will be canceled with loss of the deposit.
  • If you have a large number of birthmarks in the area where you want to get a tattoo, please let us know immediately when you contact us. We do not tattoo over birthmarks, so such information is relevant to your health and design options.
  • Bringing support is possible, but please consult with the studio manager at all times.
  • Anything that raises concerns and doubts about your health (both illnesses and medications) i.c.w. taking a tattoo, you should consult with a doctor. We are not general practitioners and/or doctors, have no medical knowledge and background, and therefore are not allowed to make any statements about this.
  • Falcon Ink is at all times authorized to make reasonable adjustments to the General Conditions where necessary.

Hoping for your understanding and cooperation!

Falcon Ink