Are you looking for a tattoo shop in Geleen where you can get beautiful tattoos in different styles? Then take a look at Falcon Ink! Falcon Ink is located in Geleen, on Groenstraat. Meanwhile, Falcon Ink has become an integral part of Geleen’s streetscape and of course we are proud of that!

At our tattoo shop in Geleen, you can find a wide range of styles for your tattoo. Consider:

  1. Mandala
  2. Fineline
  3. Black & Gray
  4. Realistic
  5. Ornamental
  6. Polynesian
  7. Cover up

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Short waiting times

Top international artists

Of course, we have all these styles set only by the very best artists that we sometimes even fly in from abroad. We also have all the necessary knowledge about the styles. For example, we are happy to think with you about whether it is culturally appropriate to to get a maori tattoo in the Netherlands and we also give you advice on the best applications of a fineline tattoo . We are at home in all markets!


At Falcon Ink, we pride ourselves on doing more than just placing tattoos. In fact, we make every effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible at our location so that you can indicate very clearly and freely what your wishes are. In addition, with us it is also possible to have your design designed on site. We take the time to get to know you, identify your needs and lastly to have a stunning design created.

We also like to think with you regarding where the tattoos will look best. For example, we recently wrote an article about what are the best places on the body for a mandala tattoo for women.

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At Falcon Ink, we try to create some fixes for our guests. Thus, with us you can always count on personal contact and the possibility of a completely free intake interview.

In addition, we only work with the best international and mostly award-winning artists to guarantee top quality.

And finally, we always work with short waiting times, even when our schedule is extremely full. So be quick to ensure yourself a spot!

All in all, we try to create a tattoo studio where we set up a safe and trusted environment for all our clients. In addition, top quality is, of course, at the top of the list of guarantees. Are you curious to know what that looks like in practice? Then feel free to walk in, or book an intake interview with Falko!

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