Calling yourself the best tattoo shop in Limburg is obviously not something you should do. Customers are supposed to say this about you. Therefore, we are very pleased to hear often that our customers rarely have a have had finer experience with a tattoo shop than at Falcon Ink. And there, of course, we do also our best for it. This is not something that came about overnight.

Together with our team, we go for the best quality, as well as the best experience. Paying attention to things that others do not pay attention to. That’s what makes us unique.

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Personal care

Top international artists

Our styles

Something our clients are often very positive about is the number of different styles we offering. We feel it is important to offer a wide range of styles, as it looks ensures that many people can come to us. The styles we currently offer are:

  • Realistic
  • Black & gray
  • Mandala
  • Fineline
  • Ornamental
  • Geometric
  • Cover up
  • Polynesian

In addition, top international artists often visit our studio, so if you have a specific wishes regarding a certain style or a certain artist, often something can be arranged!


In addition, we also make a very good effort to understand what the customer wants. This comes mainly Because we ourselves have been customers of Tattoo shops in the past. We know which difficulties there are in finding the right tattoo shop for your desired tattoo. We understand what things we can do to make someone feel at ease when they engage in an introductory conversation with us. Purely because previously we ourselves were on the other side of the table or sat on the other side of the screen. Of course, we took the experiences we had ourselves when we made our ownhave started to set up studio. And that’s why we think people feel comfortable with us get after an introductory interview.

In addition, of course, it is also important that the reception in the studio is good, and that the artists are are of a high standard. No one walks away from a tattoo studio in Limburg feeling satisfied, or anywhere in Holland, when the service was top notch but the tattoo is downright bad. That is also why we work exclusively with top (international) artists. Everyone in our studio ends up having to walk out with a tattoo that looks stunning and exactly matches the wishes communicated in advance. For less, we simply won’t do it.


At our tattoo studio in Geleen, Limburg, anyone can get a beautiful tattoo. put, without much hassle. We therefore definitely recommend that you set up an introductory meeting with us in schedule so you can find out right away if you feel right about us and our studio. We like to take the time to see if the feeling is right, and when it is not, we recommend that you also immediately recommend continuing your search for a studio where the feeling is right. Fortunately, it comes actually never occur that the feeling is not right. So simply schedule an intake appointment online, and who knows, maybe we’ll see you soon in our studio!

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