A getting realistic tattoo in the Netherlands, it’s not that simple. In any case, what it is is incredibly cool! We previously published an article sharing with you why it is so incredibly cool to getting a realistic tattoo. In this article we are going to shift the focus to how you can best find out which tattoo studio in the Netherlands is perfect for getting a realistic tattoo on you. After all, this is different for everyone. Still, there are always some characteristics by which you can recognize a good tattoo studio.


We start with some obvious characteristics of a good and reliable tattoo studio.

First of all, we recommend looking at the reviews about the tattoo studio. It is very difficult to create fake reviews through Google Reviews. As a result, a tattoo studio with a good number of reviews reflects the overall experience at the studio in question. Of course, there can always be some bad reviews among them from customers who may be unjustly dissatisfied, but the overall line in the reviews does tell a story.

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Another element you can look at are the artists of the tattoo studios in question. Do they have regular artists or perhaps they periodically have some (international) artists drop by their studio. And so are these artists well regarded? Generally, the really good artists also only go to tattoo studios that they know are good studios with good owners. In addition, it is natural to make sure you have an expert in realistic tattoos as your artist when you want to get a realistic tattoo in the Netherlands.

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Following on from the above, it is also always wise to have a good look through through the portfolio of the artist or establishment. . On the one hand, it can give you some ideas, but it also gives you an impression of the quality that the artist or establishment guarantees.

The last point, and in our opinion the most important point in determining whether a tattoo studio is right for you, is the feeling the tattoo studio evokes in you. Do you have a click with your contact person? Are you well understood? Do they take the time to hear your story? Do they dare to express their own opinion about your idea?

You don’t want a tattoo studio that is there just to make quick money through a standard tattoo. The tattoo studio should understand that your realistic tattoo tells a story and should be part of both your body and your identity. It must suit you and it must contain the right look. This can only be realized when real time is taken to listen to you.

Falcon Ink – Your place in Holland for a realistic tattoo.

The above is what we at Falcon Ink also put a lot of effort into. Anyone who wants a realistic tattoo in the Netherlands can come to us, and we take extensive time for everyone. Ask completely free of obligation an intake interview with us, or feel free to walk in to our tattoo studio in Geleen. Falko welcomes you with a cup of coffee or tea, and listens attentively to your story.

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