A realistic tattoo is often the type of tattoo that can make others’ mouths fall open in amazement. When a realistic tattoo is done right, they look so incredibly cool that you can almost hear the compliments when you walk out of our tattoo studio. Now of course that’s not why you get a tattoo, but it’s definitely not annoying!

What makes a realistic tattoo so good?

The search for a true specialist in realistic tattoos can be incredibly difficult. As mentioned, realistic tattoos look incredibly beautiful when set properly, but that is precisely why it is an art to set these tattoos the right way. It is important to place shadows in the right places, to place light elements in the right places and with the right amount, and of course to make the design come to life perfectly.

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Attention to Quality

For example, one reason to get a realistic tattoo is because it can make a picture come to life perfectly, in a permanent way. If you have a picture of a moment or a person that you want to cherish on your body, a realistic tattoo can do that incredibly well. In addition, you can very well make animals come to life this way. For example, we often see a lion that people want realistically tattooed. The lion’s intimidating head, along with its spectacular mane are ideal for a realistic tattoo.

However, there are of course many other possibilities for realistic tattoos. For example, it can also be part of a sleeve!

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At Falcon Ink, you have come to expect high quality from us. And, of course, this is no different with our realistic tattoos. We understand better than anyone that it is crucial that realistic tattoos look peaky. The difference between a good and a very good tattoo is all the more apparent with a realistic tattoo. This is why we are incredibly perfectionist when choosing a tattoo artist. As always with us, we work with top international artists. Therefore, we can always guarantee top quality.

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By the way, you can come to us not only for realistic tattoos. We are also an expert in mandala tattoos for women, and of course for men. Other styles you can come to us for are:

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