We are all familiar with the Maori tattoo. Since ancient times, this tattoo style has been among the most popular choices to be immortalized on our bodies. We at Falcon Ink have several artists in our shop who specialize in this art form. Are you hesitating about getting a Maori tattoo and don’t know, for example, where on your body it fits best? Or would you like to know more about this style? Then this article is for you, we take you through the ins & outs of this tattoo style!

Meaning of the Maori tattoo

The Maori tattoo, as its name suggests, originates with the original inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori. Members of various Maori tribes traditionally wore these tattoos, each tribe with their own patterns. Originally, only tribal members of distinction were tattooed: if you had no tattoos, it meant you were lower in rank.

In today’s Western world, of course, these rules do not apply. Here, people often wear these tattoos simply because they find them beautiful.

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Difference between Maori and Polynesian tattoos

These two styles of tattoos are often confused, which makes sense because they are very similar. A Polynesian tattoo generally contains more different elements and patterns than a Maori tattoo. By a Polynesian tattoo we mean a tattoo made in the style of one of the Polynesian islands, or a mix of different styles of this archipelago. Patterns and shapes of the Maori also occasionally recur in Polynesian tattoos. In general, a Polynesian tattoo is a bit more angular than a Maori tattoo. Patterns and shapes that translate elements from nature are often used for this purpose.

What are good places to get a Maori tattoo?

Sleeves on the arms and legs are by far the most popular body parts to get a Maori tattoo. Some people have the tattoo continue from their upper arm onto their chest. Of course, the tattoo can also be done on another part of the body, depending on your wishes. Our specialists will work with you to find the best place for your Maori tattoo so that we can achieve the most beautiful result.


Typically, a Maori tattoo is freehand sketched on the body before it is actually tattooed. So this process is slightly different than via pasting a stencil, which is more common in the tattoo world. This is important because of the many different patterns of the tattoo: this way, the tattoo fits the wearer’s body perfectly, since everyone’s body is obviously different.

Personal attention at Falcon Ink

Have you decided you want to get a Maori tattoo? Or do you want it, but don’t really dare because it’s your first tattoo, for example? Understandable! Getting a tattoo is always exciting. At Falcon Ink, we know this, even from our own experience. This is why personal attention and a relaxed atmosphere is our top priority. All our artists are specialized and some have won several (European) awards. So they know exactly what is best for you and your tattoo, and we do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible in our

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