Mandala Tattoos for women have been incredibly popular for years, and of course that is not surprising. The beautiful style offers an awful lot of options for creating beautiful feminine shapes. In addition, Mandala tattoos come in many variations. For example, a large mandala tattoo on a woman can be incredibly beautiful, but there are also options for a smaller version with a more intimate meaning. In this regard, the possibilities are endless with Mandala tattoos for women.

The meaning behind mandala tattoos

Not only is the appearance of the mandala tattoo a reason for many women to choose this style, but the meaning behind the mandala tattoo is something that appeals to an awful lot of women.

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The word mandala literally translates to the word circle in the Sanskrit language. Hence, the design of a mandala tattoo 9 times out of 10 is made in a circle shape. However, the origin of the mandala tattoo brings another completely different story. In fact, this tattoo style has its origins in Hinduism and can also be found in Buddhism.

In these beliefs, they see the circle as a sign of perfection and balance. All the small parts then present in this circle provide what is called balance. As a result, in these cultures, the mandala therefore mainly represents balance in a perfect life.

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Mandala symbols in monasteries

Mandala symbols are even so far acquired in the above cultures that they are often visible in monasteries as well. These mandala symbols are then present to reduce stress, improve focus and as an aid to meditation.


The meaning behind the mandala tattoo is more than obvious by now, but in the end, of course, it is also important that the tattoo just looks very nice. Therefore, we would like to share some places where we think the mandala tattoo is suitable on a woman:

  1. The upper back: The upper back offers an awful lot of space to put down a mandala tattoo. It looks very beautiful and stylish in our eyes.

  2. Under the bosom: A mandala tattoo is also frequently done on women right under the bosom. When going with the shapes of the bosom, an incredibly beautiful and also sexy tattoo can be placed here.

  3. The forearm: A classic place to get tattoos is the forearm, and this is no different with the mandala tattoo for women. The forearm offers plenty of space and, not unimportantly, you can see the tattoo itself very well.

  4. The thigh: A somewhat more intimate option may be to place the mandala tattoo on the thigh. Here you can get an incredibly stylish tattoo. Often there is enough space and it can create a very nice picture. In addition, you can also easily hide these, should that be desirable.

All in all, the mandala tattoo fits women in almost any place, but the above are some examples of our own favorites and also our clients’ favorite places!

Mandala Tattoo at Falcon Ink?

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