For a while ago, we wrote an article with the topic ‘Mandala Tattoos for women”. Indeed, we believe that Mandala Tattoos are incredibly beautiful are in women. However, that does not mean that Mandala Tattoos are not suitable are for men. Quite the contrary, in fact. We have already regularly had awesome And cool Mandala tattoos placed on men. And we also still see every time again that the popularity of Mandala tattoos is increasing. Applications continue to but flowing in, and we understand all too well why that is the case.

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In our article on mandala tattoos for women, we describe a bit more about the background of the mandala tattoo, and the history behind it. Should you want to know more about that, we recommend that you read that article. In this article, we want to focus more on our (and our clients’) favorite places to get a mandala tattoo. In fact, this is slightly different in men than in women, in our experience.

The best places for a mandala tattoo for men

We actually see in men four places that are incredibly popular to place a mandala tattoo. These are as follows:

  • The arm

We at mandala tattoos get an awful lot of requests for arm tattoo placement. This varies from time to time whether this involves a full sleeve in mandala style, or a smaller tattoo on the forearm or upper arm/shoulder. There are also very many beautiful variations of this when you look for inspiration. The arm is generally a popular place to get tattoos, so this obviously does not surprise us.

  • The knee

One place that we see increasing a lot especially with mandala tattoos in recent years is the knee. This is probably also because the tattoo is a relatively painful place to tattoo on. However, we do see incredibly cool and unique results. On the knee, the mostly round shape of the mandala tattoo comes out very well. In the experience of our customers, this is always worth the pain!

  • The chest

Again, a very popular place for tattoos, but no less spectacular for that. The mandala tattoo on the chest is ideal for men. As mentioned earlier, mandala tattoos often have round shapes, so they also look very good on a man’s chest. A safe choice, but very beautiful!

  • The hand

Generally, the hand is considered a very painful place to get a tattoo. Yet we are seeing a trend of mandala tattoos being put on hands. And we can understand why, because it looks really cool. Not for everyone, but for those who do, it is really incredibly beautiful.

Mandala Tattoo at Falcon Ink, in Limburg

Of course, you can also get the most beautiful Mandala tattoos at our tattoo studio in Limburg. Falcon Ink guarantees quality and we hope we can welcome you to an introductory meeting soon. We like to take the time to get to know you, so that together we can pick a tattoo that suits you. In addition, in our experience, you will feel much more comfortable when you have taken ample time to get to know us. Of course, leaving a tattoo is no small thing either. Especially if it’s the first time.

Should you wish to schedule an immediate appointment to have an introductory consultation for a Mandala Tattoo, or any other tattoo style, please do so directly via button below. See you soon!

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