Full time tattoo artist / mulitmedia designer

We are looking for a full-time tattoo artist (40 hours per week) to join our team.

Job Description

You will help your clients in the search for a unique tattoo of the highest quality. You will create your own designs based on customer requirements. You will discuss these designs with the client and will start implementing them after approval.

You will adhere to the high hygiene standards we set in our studio, which are diametrically opposed to NEN-EN 17169 standards we use as a standard in our studio. You use only professional equipment and consumables.

Job requirements

What we offer you

About us

Falcon Ink is a professional and modern tattoo studio located in Geleen. The studio has been successfully standing for over two years now and is growing at a breakneck pace. Falcon Ink stands for high quality and high standards of hygiene. The studio has all the necessary documents and permits to operate in a professional and hygienic manner.

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Application Process

Fill out the form or contact us directly at info@falcon-ink.nl.

Each month we will contact all applicants. When we are pleased with an applicant, we will invite them to come on online application through, for example, a ZOOM meeting.