Fineline Tattoos are incredibly popular right now. We get an awful lot of requests for Fineline tattoos, and we understand that very well. In fact, it looks very sleek and unique. But what exactly is a fineline tattoo?

What is a fineline tattoo?

Of course, the name “fineline” already gives things away. Literally translated, this is a “thin line,” and that is actually exactly what the tattoo is. A fineline tattoo consists of all thin lines, with sometimes a mix of some coarser lines. As a result, you often get sleek and minimalist designs. Something that is incredibly popular these days, but also something that is very appropriate for people who want to get a meaning-filled tattoo of, for example, a name of a loved one who may no longer be around.

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In fact, Fineline is tremendously suitable for writing texts and names. We frequently see men or women who would like a tattoo of a quote that really appealed to them and got them through difficult moments. So what could be better than immortalizing this spell on your body, so that this spell is forever a part of you.

The same goes for names of loved ones. This often involves the name of the partner, or of the children. In some cases, there is also a very emotional story attached to it, such as when it involves, for example, a loved one who has lost someone. Fineline is then a very convenient method to carry this name with you on the body in a beautiful and stylish way.

Fineline tattoos are suitable for more than just names or texts

So while Fineline tattoos for texts and names are hugely appropriate, that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing it can be used for. In fact, there are also incredibly beautiful minimalist images that can be created using the fineline method. It is sometimes amazing how beautiful a tattoo can become through some simple line work. Especially if you like minimalist design.

The benefits of fineline

Because fineline tattoos are done with a very thin needle, it is possible to be incredibly precise and detailed. In addition, another added benefit is that this thin needle is less painful than the thicker needles of other methods. So a fineline tattoo can be very appropriate if you are excited about getting your first tattoo. Especially if you are looking forward to the pain of a tattoo.

Fineline tattoo at Falcon Ink

Falcon Ink’s approach stands for top quality and customization. This is no different with Fineline tattoos either. Once again, you can expect a personalized approach from us with which we will make you feel as comfortable as possible, and of course we will make sure your tattoo looks perfect. Together we will come up with a beautiful design that fits your exact needs. Contact us soon, or schedule a no-obligation intake meeting with us right away. If you still want to get some inspiration first, take a look through our portfolio of previously done tattoos through!

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