Go for a black and grey tattoo or still go for a color tattoo? When you get a tattoo there are many things to think about, and this issue is a very important one. After all, a tattoo is permanent. The choice you make can also guide any future tattoos you may get. For example, if you are having a sleeve done, you do want the different tattoos to form a beautiful whole and fit together well. In this article, we list the pros and cons of black and gray tattoos for you, so we may make your choice a little easier.


Black and gray tattoos are generally finished a little faster than color tattoos. Now this is not the main reason you should base your choice on, but for people with a low pain threshold, this can be an important issue. Some people also believe that a black and gray tattoo is less painful to get done, but this is subjective and varies from person to person.

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We see many requests at black and gray tattoos to start with a half sleeve. We understand that this may be a lesser step than a full sleeve, yet we do not recommend it.

The reason is that when designing, it is more beautiful and easier to go straight for a full sleeve. This allows everything to be designed together nicely right away, rather than separate pieces. Should you want to go for a black and gray half sleeve because you like it better or because you want to complete the sleeve in stages, please inform the designer in advance. This one can then take that into account.

We have already done some black and gray half sleeve tattoos and in our opinion they turned out really cool.

Images or portraits of idols, fictional characters or family members

As we mentioned earlier, black and gray is a style that lends itself tremendously well to shadows and contrast. That is one reason why black and gray tattoos often end up as a portrait of an idol, a fictional character or even (deceased) family members or loved ones. Black and gray makes such portraits look very calm and stylish. A unique way to immortalize something you value on your body so that you always carry it with you. Whether that’s Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Billie Eilish or your partner. Beautiful it is guaranteed to be!

The best tattoo artist for black and gray

No matter what kind of tattoo you get done, you always want it done by a tattoo artist who is tremendously good. Whether it is a mandala tattoo, a realistic tattoo or a black and gray tattoo. You always want your artist to be one who is highly regarded and preferably has won some awards that confirm his authority. This is also the reason we at Falcon Ink only work with the best artists. Periodically we host international (and often award-winning) artists in our studio to ensure the highest quality for our clients.

Enthusiastic about a black and gray tattoo? Then schedule a quick introductory consultation with Falko of Falcon Ink. Falko calmly discusses the options with you and provides advice as needed. So don’t wait any longer and start realizing your dream tattoo today!

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