Welcome to Falcon Ink

Falcon Ink is a professional tattoo studio that pays attention to quality. A studio where everyone immediately feels welcome. With a team of international artists, there is a master for every project. So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you’ve come to the right place.

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How we work

Falcon Ink works together with a team of International (mostly award winning) well-known tattoo artists from all over the world. So come to our studio in Geleen for these top-level artists.

We present the scheduled artists through our social media channels. If you are interested in getting a cool tattoo, keep a close eye on these channels.

If you are convinced of an artist, please contact us directly to secure a place in one of our famous chairs. We will then make an appointment together for an intake in which we will make your ideas concrete. If it feels good, we will book an appointment for you!

Why Falcon Ink?


Short waiting times

Due to the large number of artists we work with, the waiting times at Falcon Ink are minimal. We aim to be able to help everyone with his or her ideas within a few weeks.


Attention to quality

Besides the fact that we do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible on the day of the session, we (and our artists) pay attention to quality! First of all, we only work with top artists who come to our studio from all over the world. These artists are highly sought after and know exactly what they are doing. Before the start, we make your ideas concrete in a sketch. As soon as you are completely satisfied, we will start working on your long-cherished wish. This is literally going to be a picture!


Clear about the price tag

We are frequently asked what we charge per hour. Our price is based per project and not per hour. This allows us to create a pleasant atmosphere in our studio and we can focus 100% on our quality! Therefore, no surprises about the cost, you know in advance what you will lose. Even if it takes a little longer than expected.

About us

Falcon Ink is a modern tattoo studio founded by Falko Eichhorn.

Curious about the whole story behind Falcon Ink?


Falcon Ink specializes in getting realistic tattoos by top international artists. Our specialties are black and grey, color, line and dotwork, ornamental and Maori. From large tattoos such as a full sleeve to very special small tattoos.